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Ginger water really good benefits.

Ginger is a herb for health. At home we use both for cooking. Used as a component of herbal medicine or made into healthy drink. You can drink to satisfy your thirst. And if anyone is looking for a drink that will help increase their health fully, recommend this glass of ginger ale . Because

Do you eat peanuts? Can help lose weight or not?

          Let’s talk about peanuts. Whether it’s boiled beans or roasted beans. They are easy to find and cheap. It is classified as a high-protein snack, with 100 grams or 1 serving containing approximately 29.7 grams of protein. People who are on a diet may choose to

Red apple

          The dark red apple that we see here. It’s the apple variety that has the most antioxidants. With the antioxidants in the red apple skin, it has an antioxidant effect equivalent to 1,500 milligrams of vitamin C! These antioxidants act to inhibit the


          The benefits of bananas help relieve gastritis in many ways. Whether it is bringing tannins from raw bananas (In the form of raw banana powder to drink) to help coat the stomach. Or eating bananas, ripe for the body to get soluble fiber. That will help in the