Ginger water really good benefits.

Ginger is a herb for health. At home we use both for cooking. Used as a component of herbal medicine or made into healthy drink. You can drink to satisfy your thirst. And if anyone is looking for a drink that will help increase their health fully, recommend this glass of ginger ale . Because ginger has amazing properties as follows, did you know that?

1. Help digestion relieve flatulence

          Phenolic compounds in ginger help relieve intestinal irritation. It also has the effect of stimulating the functioning of the digestive system. In addition, ginger also has a mild effect on peristalsis of the stomach and intestines. UFABET As a result, flatulence, distension and flatulence symptoms can be relieved.

2. Relieve nausea.

          Ginger’s warming effect is a great anti-nausea remedy. Especially nausea caused by stomach and intestinal disorders. that has been exposed to certain chemicals or food slang In addition, a study published in the journal Support Care Cancer in 2012 also said that Drinking daily can reduce nausea in patients undergoing chemotherapy too.

3. Helps lose weight.

          The results of a study by Japanese researchers published in the journal. Pharmaceutical Society of Japan in 2008 found that ginger helps to increase the functioning of the body’s metabolic system. causing the body to burn more fat than usual. So it can help reduce weight. In addition, warm ginger water can also help with the digestive system. reduce constipation as well as reducing cortisol hormone levels which is the cause of stress. Which is an important factor that causes the body to consume more fat and cause weight gain as well.