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How to do IF correctly?

Intermittent Fasting or IF is a weight loss method that is becoming popular among the new generation. Because it’s a simple way to start controlling your diet. By controlling calories and limiting the time you eat. There are many ways to practice. But a popular method is to limit eating

Foods that reduce belly fat well.

Belly fat problem It may not only be about beauty. But also about the health of women as well. Of course, having fat in the abdominal area. There is an opportunity to increase the risk of many diseases for women who intend to reduce fat accumulation in the

Kidney disease.

Kidney disease is considered a silent disease that usually does not show symptoms in the early stages. The cause of the disease comes from many factors. But nowadays, it is found that inappropriate dietary habits. Especially eating very salty. It plays an important role in disease. Causes of kidney

Caution when eating and using lemons.

We recommend that lemons are highly acidic. Drinking very concentrated fresh lemon juice. May cause irritation to organs in the digestive system health. Such as the throat, esophagus, intestines, stomach. Especially those with stomach ulcers May cause burning sensation. In addition, drinking lemon juice Or bite the lemon flesh and

Getting to know Omega 3.

Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid. That is important to various systems within the body. But is a fatty acid that the body cannot create by itself. So we must eat foods that contain. Such as fish, seeds, grains to provide the body with nutrients

I don’t drink coffee and my headache. What is the solution?

This point believes that many coffee lovers wonder why they stop drinking and have a headache. Is this a symptom of prejudice or is it really a headache? Then let’s try to explain. with caffeinated which the effect of this substance will stimulate the nerves rejuvenate It also has a

Secrets to creating work-life balance.

Creating work-life balance is beneficial for both physical and mental health. When employees have a good quality of life. It will result in more efficient work. And also good for the organization to follow. We has compiled techniques for creating balance in life and work. What will be

Prevent Kidney disease

Prevent Kidney diseas

Prevent Kidney disease, not just avoid salty. There are many other minerals that should be avoided. Patients with kidney disease, who said to reduce it, just eat salty Because in addition to the salinity that should be avoided There are also some minerals that should be avoided, including

weight loss doesn't work

Which behaviors that make running weight loss doesn’t work

Which behaviors that make running weight loss doesn’t work ? Running is definitely a method of exercise that can help you lose weight. But why do many people fail to see the results of weight loss from running as expected? Mr. ufabet Physiology Supervisor at the

Depression and Outdoor Exercise

Depression and Outdoor Exercise

Depression and Outdoor Exercise , Depression is a disease that more and more people today. Research has shown that it is caused by the hustle and bustle of today’s life that is highly competitive. And have less relationships between people and people People have an easily introverted behavior. Causing the