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Prevent Kidney disease

Prevent Kidney diseas

Prevent Kidney disease, not just avoid salty. There are many other minerals that should be avoided. Patients with kidney disease, who said to reduce it, just eat salty Because in addition to the salinity that should be avoided There are also some minerals that should be avoided, including

weight loss doesn't work

Which behaviors that make running weight loss doesn’t work

Which behaviors that make running weight loss doesn’t work ? Running is definitely a method of exercise that can help you lose weight. But why do many people fail to see the results of weight loss from running as expected? Mr. ufabet Physiology Supervisor at the

Depression and Outdoor Exercise

Depression and Outdoor Exercise

Depression and Outdoor Exercise , Depression is a disease that more and more people today. Research has shown that it is caused by the hustle and bustle of today’s life that is highly competitive. And have less relationships between people and people People have an easily introverted behavior. Causing the


Do you know that eating too much carbohydrates makes us aching?

Eating food can make you sick such as eating too much carbohydrates. But it’s true. Today we have information from a specialist in hormone therapy and nutrition for athletes.  When carbohydrates cause stinging, eating too much carbohydrates. When the body gets carbohydrates. There will be a process



IS FASTING GOOD ? Many people may already know that dieting is one of the barriers to dieting and making their health worse. The reason is written because it is so surprising that there are still more people who lose weight by dieting. Everyone has

Pilates 2021 and 5 principles at the heart of Pilates practice

Pilates is a very safe exercise. Lets start new year 2021 with good practice in pilates. Because there is little concussion various gestures Emphasize continuous softness that flows naturally. Gestures are designed specifically for exercising the entire body, the movement and movement of different muscles. It must be merged with the

Exercise and heart disease

People who lack exercise are equally at risk of developing heart disease. With people with high blood pressure turning to exercise Even enough, it will benefit you immensely. The benefits of exercise Reduce risk factors for heart disease such as high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol levels. Diabetes and

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Trend of Running shoes 2021 Lets get a pair!!

The list of 2021 running shoes, new running shoes 2021 from various brands to be released. And is expected to release a new model in the year 2021, the whole line runs real And amateurs prepare to reserve, come and try to put together Running shoes are one


Aerobic exercise ! get to know it.

Aerobic exercise is essential to the proper functioning of the body. By helping to improve the heart rate and breathing. Helps to expand the walls of blood vessels.  Lowering blood pressure Burn excess fat in the body. Lowering blood sugar levels Reduce inflammation And increase the level of good fats. Aerobic