Do you eat peanuts? Can help lose weight or not?

          Let’s talk about peanuts. Whether it’s boiled beans or roasted beans. They are easy to find and cheap. It is classified as a high-protein snack, with 100 grams or 1 serving containing approximately 29.7 grams of protein. People who are on a diet may choose to eat nuts instead of snacks because nuts are high in fiber and protein. Helps to fill the stomach, not hungry quickly and not feeling the urge to eat little by little. Therefore, it seems to be a good weight loss aid. Plus nuts have good fats. It can help reduce bad fat levels in the body. But eating too many nuts can make you fatter. Because peanuts are a fairly high-calorie food, in the amount of 100 grams. It provides energy at 538 kilocalories UFABET

          So with the question Do you eat nuts? would be able to answer without having to calculate that Eating moderate amounts of boiled peanuts or roasted peanuts won’t make you fat. But if you enjoy chewing Like eating 1 small bag of crispy beans (size about 45-50 grams) or 1 bag of boiled beans all at once. will get more than 200 kilocalories of energy. Which is much more than the energy from 1 ladle of rice (80 kilocalories). Eating a plate of rice may still have fewer calories.