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Butterfly pea herb

Butterfly Pea Herb

Butterfly pea  is a plant that originated in South America. Commonly grown in the tropics. Characteristics of pea flowers are white, blue, purple, the middle of the flower is yellow. The shape is like a scallop Has properties that are unique and unique. Because there is a substance called “Anthocyanin” , which

Tips for taking vitamin C

Tips for taking vitamin C effervescent tablets

Tips for taking vitamin C effervescent tablets. Usually, if you don’t have any underlying medical conditions and want to take vitamin C to boost your immune system. Doctors recommend eating 1,000 milligrams per day. Because the size of 500 milligrams per day may not be sufficient for

What are the benefits of vitamin C?

What are the benefits of vitamin C?

What are the benefits of vitamin C? Ascorbic acid ( Vitamin; the C ) are compounds found in fruits and vegetables like oranges, kiwi, lemon, plum tomato, strawberry, pineapple, papaya, Broccoli, broccoli, pepper, capsicum, cauliflower, potatoes, etc., as well as in. Meat, animal liver, vitamin C is mainly

Vitamin C Effervescent Tablets

Effervescent vitamin C tablet

Vitamin C Effervescent Tablets are vitamin C in the form of effervescent tablets. (Effervescent). A pharmaceutical form designed for a drug or vitamin to break down and release carbon dioxide. As soon as it comes in contact with water. And become a solution. (In which this is vitamin C)