Preparing for winter 2021

Prepare for winter 2021, girls can stay healthy all winter easily if you follow the advice that brings for you.

New year winter 2021 is coming ! What did you enter at the end of the year? The cold wind come every where. When this is the case, we should prepare for the winter to be ready, girls, so that our bodies are able to fight the cold and be healthy. Far from disease and sickness through the edge So today, has brought you 7 good practices that girls should do in this winter. See how we can cope with cold winds, let’s see.

1. Exercise regularly

          How cold it will be, you must be fit and firm first. Ladies, do not forget to exercise together. Just come out and run in the morning to keep your body rejuvenated, just this girl will be fresh all day. Because despite how cold it is, exercise will always help to keep the body warm. Plus health will be strong Far from the disease that will come with cold weather as well.

2. Hands and feet must be warm before the

          for winter 2021. Even if the body is strong, women must warm up first. In addition to sweaters and long pants that must be worn for warmth, it is important that girls do not forget to wear gloves and socks to keep them warm. Because the hands and feet are a source of hundreds of nerves If allowed to freeze and freeze, it can easily cause a cold.

3. Eat foods that are beneficial to the body.

          During winter most people get the flu, so girls should protect themselves by choosing healthy foods. This is because this will be an important help in increasing the immune system for the body very well. By eating a complete diet of 5 groups, eat vegetables – fruits and focus on foods that contain iron, such as meats, grains, tofu and eggs, which iron helps prevent colds and increases the body’s immunity as well.

4. Take vitamins

          for Which girls are already weakened? If exposed to cold weather, it may worsen symptoms. Therefore, it should be prevented by eating nutritious foods along with vitamins. To increase the immune system of the body such as vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, which these vitamins are very necessary to help women away from the flu.

5.Be careful not to get influenza.
Influenza is the most common cold in the cold season. Because it is a disease that can cause complications In the case of elderly Or people with chronic lung disease Asthma is the original capital. In addition, the flu is easy to spread. Therefore, we should prevent vaccination. Or avoid being in close contact with people who are sick with the flu In addition, if we have the flu Should wear a mask every time In order to prevent contacting others

6.The more asthma and allergies have to take care of yourself.
In winter Anyone with a medical condition such as allergies or asthma. You should be careful and take special care of yourself. Because of the cold weather, symptoms can easily aggravate. In addition, the winter is often dusty. It increases the chances of being allergic to dust mites or fur.

7.Not taking a very warm shower
People who are already cold Most of them will choose a warm bath in winter, right? Although warm water helps us to cool off Shower more comfortably. But if we take a bath that is too warm It may cause the skin to lose moisture as well. Especially when washing your face Also, avoid products with a lot of foam, as they can dry out the skin. Not too big. Anyone with dry skin, do not forget to be careful with these things as well.