Infectious diseases of the eyes caused by contact lenses

Infectious diseases of the eyes caused by contact lenses. Since the use of contact lenses to correct eye problems instead of eyeglasses more. Including also developing contact lenses Into becoming a fashion accessory for beauty as well. But in the midst of this increasing number of uses. Most of the users do not have the knowledge to use correct contact lenses.

caused by contact lenses

among teenagers who wear Contact lenses for beauty What is worrying is These people choose to buy contact lenses. From convenience store or flea market Which does not have medical knowledge to recommend the correct use and cleaning methods Most of them really don’t know that wearing unclean contact lenses can lead to eye infections. “

Which the doctor said The causes of such infection are many, such as

Bad cleaning

The Partially infected eye patients from wearing contact lenses confirmed that The contact lens has been washed. But not enough “When cleaning contact lenses Some people may be in a hurry Therefore not washed long enough When putting contact lenses The residue remains can irritate the cornea, cause sores and eventually become infected. ”

Wear contact lenses overnight.

 Patients who have had a number of infections due to wearing contact lenses from overnight wear. Without removing it for cleaning For reasons both caused by necessity, such as traveling abroad And forget the cleaning equipment Or some people just lack discipline Lazy to take out the lens contact to clean.

“The result of wearing contact lenses overnight is The cornea is kept closed by a contact lens causing a lack of oxygen. Small sores resulting in eye irritation In some cases, these wounds become inflamed, infectious and aggravate the symptoms. “

caused by contact lenses

Level 1 Irritated, watery eyes

The Eye irritation and watery eyes are the primary symptoms of contact lens infection. In which if the more you leave it for a long time Increased symptoms leading to corneal ulcers.

Level 2 pain in the eyes

“Eye pain occurs when there is already an ulcer on the cornea. And the wound is quite deep Therefore began to have eye pain following, “Dr. Jutalai clarified.

Level 3 melasma in the eyes.

Dr. ufabet explained that “Melasma or white patches in the eyes are sores caused by very dry corneas or an infection of the cornea. From the clear color of the cornea, it turns white. Moreover
The doctor had previously found a fungal infection on the lens. Which spreads to the corneal fungus as well All of this is due to not cleaning the lenses sufficiently. “


Are you at risk of contact lens infections?

  • You used to wear contact lenses overnight. Without cleaning
  • After wearing contact lenses overnight You have severe eye irritation and tears constantly.
  • After wearing contact lenses overnight When looking in the mirror, you find a white haze around your black eyes.
  • Have you ever used tap water or salt water for rinsing the wound to wash the contact lenses?
  • Have you ever picked up a contact lens and put it on without hand cleaning? And wipe dry

2 symptoms are dangerous and need to see a doctor!

If these symptoms occur to you or someone close to you, seek immediate medical attention. Because it may cause eye disorders or brain abnormalities, it is

  1. Acute blurred vision  If suddenly blurred vision occurs Or seeing a different image, such as distorted images, missing parts of the cleft image, may be caused by a constricted blood vessel condition. Or diseases of the eyes that need urgent correction
  2. Can see the flashes without light  This condition is caused by the deterioration of the vitreous and shrinking with age. And may go to retrieve the retina Causing the retina to be stimulated to see a flare-like light even without the light. Therefore should urgently see a doctor Because in some cases. The traction of the vitreous can cause the retina to tear and peel. Which, if left for a long time to undergo surgery, may be blind

How to keep contact lens clean? Prevent eye infection

The steps can be summarized as follows.

  1. Clean your hands before touching the contact lens.
    Because the hand is an organ that contains many pathogens. Hand washing and blotting before putting contact lenses on. Will help prevent germs from entering the eyes through contact lenses
  2. Wash contact lenses as recommended by a professional.
    By placing a contact lens on the palm of your hand Pour the cleaning solution on the lens. Then use your fingers to gently rub, rinse thoroughly before storing, insert the cartridge and close the lid.
  3. Take care of lens cleaning solutions as recommended by a professional,
    including never reusing used ones. And the tip of the bottle should not touch with your hands or anything else. Including not pouring liquid into a portable bottle Because during the pouring The solution may be exposed to germs in the air. And can lead to eye infections
  4. Do not use any other liquid to wash contact lenses.
    Whether it is salt water, artificial tears, drinking water, tap water, because these liquids do not have the ability to disinfect. Therefore cannot be used as a substitute for contact lens cleaner
  5. Keep the contact lens case clean.
    By rinsing and cleaning with lens cleaner Then turn the lid upside down until it is completely dry before use. In addition, the contact lens case should be replaced every 3 months to prevent contamination that may remain hidden.
  6. Replace a new contact lens when it is due.
    This is because expired contact lenses can deteriorate and lead to eye infections.
  7. Always remove contact lenses when engaging in water activities such as bathing, swimming, and spa treatments.