How to treat blackheads correctly

Blackheads are skin problems that can result in uneven skin tone and causing nuisance. But if you know the right treatment and prevention It will effectively reduce pimples or other types of acne problems.


Blackheads are abnormalities in the hair follicles that cause pimples that look like blackheads. But the difference is that pimples have soft hairs clustered inside the pimples together with sebum or dead skin cells. They tend to occur mostly on the nose. They may also be found on the scalp, chest, back, or elsewhere. Blackheads can occur in both men and women. And are more common in adults healthy than children.

How to treat blackheads correctly

What causes pimples?

Blackheads are caused by abnormalities of the follicle glands, resulting in abnormally growing hair follicles. Can’t fall apart over time When combined with the fat that is out of production, and dead skin cells then cause an acne-like pimples, blackheads, clogged by skin type, this may cause undesired operation. cause inflammation or not Depends on other factors as well. Factors that cause clogged pimples include:

  • abnormal functioning of testosterone within the skin
  • The amount of linoleic acid ( Linoleic Acid) in the sebum on the epidermis decreases. The skin is less protected.
  • The immune system produces cytokines that cause inflammation. (Proinflammatory Cytokines)
  • Fuel the bacteria P. Acne. (Propionibacterium Acne: P. Acnes) causing acne to produce too much free fatty acids.
  • a condition in which the body is overhydrating before menstruation make it easy to damp
  • exposure to chemicals such as hair styling products The chemicals IPM (Isopropyl Myristate (IPM), Propylene Glycol) and some dye products can stimulate acne breakouts.
  • Hair follicles are destroyed due to skin trauma, such as squeezing acne, washing your face that isn’t gentle. chemical use or laser skin
  • smoking
  • Eating foods that cause acne, such as foods high in fat and sugar.

Are these myths about acne true?

There are still many people who believe that blackheads are caused by reasons other than not keeping it clean. But those beliefs are both true and untrue as well. For example:

  • Eating chocolate causes acne Food is a small component of the factors that cause acne. However, there is no research confirming that eating chocolate causes acne. Eating dairy or carbohydrate foods may trigger acne. which still need to study to find the exact result
  • Washing your face often will help reduce acne. Frequent washing will result in skin irritation. And scrubbing or cleaning your face more than necessary will only encourage acne. Therefore, you should wash your face only twice a day with a mild soap and after washing your face should be wiped with a clean cloth to prevent bacteria.
  • Squeezing acne can help prevent acne. Squeezing the pimple will allow the bacteria that accumulated in the pimple to spread throughout the skin and cause more pimples. It can also cause scarring on the skin.
  • The more makeup, the more acne. Makeup doesn’t always cause acne. because if you choose a product that does not contain any acne-causing ingredient Or choose products that are friendly to the face. It will not cause clogging of pores and acne. In addition, you should wash your makeup thoroughly every time before going to bed. And keep cleaning makeup equipment regularly.