How to prevent COVID-19 at the workplace?

How to prevent COVID-19 at the workplace? with 7 ways you can do it when working in a mixed room. Even with a spaced table setting With care with the transmission of this terrible virus Come hear information from Doctor ufabet Recommended in the COVID-19 Survival Guide .

How to prevent COVID-19 at the workplace?
Prevent COVID-19 in the workplace with 7 ways you can take a look at this method.

1. Keep the work environment clean. Make the work room ventilated

2. The office in which many people locate is consider a public room. If unsure whether there is a risk of transmitting infection or not Should wear a mask.

3. During an epidemic, the use of central air conditioning systems should stop or reduce. If you need to turn on the air conditioner. The ventilation fan must also turn on. And wash the air conditioner at the specified time

4. Open doors and windows at a specified time every day to allow good ventilation.

5. Disinfect appliances and door handles in the workroom with disinfectant on time.

6.Keep your hands clean Should prepare water tap, hand sanitizer, paper towel Or a hand dryer at various points, making it a habit to wash their hands often.

7. If at work there are people with symptoms of fever, weakness, cough and chest tightness. Should be paused and go to see a doctor immediately

For the case of having a meeting at work Have everyone wear a mask. Sitting should keep a distance. Several conference room windows are opened to allow air to flow. Try to control meeting time, reduce meetings or refrain from attending meetings. Use a teleconferencing, video conferencing is the safest.