Facts About Covid-19 You Should Know

Is there a vaccine against COVID-19?

Facts About Covid-19 You Should Know. A vaccine against the coronavirus, or COVID-19, is currently being developed in Israel, Germany, America and China, but it is only in the early stages. It takes a lot of trials and research to study the effects and side effects of vaccines. It is expected to take a minimum of 1 year or more to experiment.

Facts About Covid-19

Can COVID-19 be in water?

If it is a standard swimming pool Chlorine has been added to disinfect. The likelihood of the virus in the water is very unlikely. At present there are no reports of infection from swimming in the pool. Or another water source But avoid crowded swimming pools to reduce the risk of infection.

Do mosquitoes carry the disease?

Mosquitoes cannot carry COVID-19. Mosquito-borne viral disease. Most of them are viruses that can grow or multiply in mosquitoes. And survives in mosquitoes such as dengue fever, chikungunya and Zika fever.

Is it possible to breastfeed during quarantine?

At this time, there is no clear information on whether mothers infected with the coronavirus or COVID-19 have the virus in their milk. The risk of infection from the mother does not come directly from the milk. But from touching and being close to the child. Because the virus can transmit from person to person Through secretions. Such as mucus, saliva, coughing, sneezing, so mothers can breastfeed. Instead, wash your hands before and after touching your baby, and wear a mask while breastfeeding. But if you decide not to breastfeed Then separate the mother from the baby and keep pumping milk And then let the baby drink through a clean baby bottle Or give the baby to drink powdered milk instead of breast milk

Donating blood during COVID-19

Should refrain from donating blood for 14 days after returning from high-risk countries. In the event that the infection may not find within 14 days but later found Immediately notify the agency that accepts blood donation The donor has a history of close contact with an infected patient. Or have been infected but have been healed Unable to donate blood immediately Must refrain from donating blood for 4 weeks.