B vitamins combined with full benefits

B vitamins combined with full benefits. Usually, each B-complex vitamin may contain different ingredients. Some pills may contain only 4 types of B vitamins. Some pills may mix all 8 types of B vitamins at all, each of which helps to strengthen the body in many ways. 

For example

Vitamin B1 

Thiamine or thiamine will help to create energy for the body to use each day. In addition, those who lack or receive small amounts of vitamin B1 and those who drink heavily may also be at risk of beriberi. including affecting the functioning of the heart nervous system and brain.

Vitamin B2 

Also known as riboflavin, it plays a role in generating energy to make things work, grow. development of cells in the body fat burning together with the function of creating complete blood cells Help strengthen the function and growth of cells in the body. If lack of this vitamin may suffer from sores in the corners of the mouth. Swollen or dry, cracked or canker sores, hair loss, sore throat, liver disease, nervous system and reproductive problems. 

Vitamin B6 

Pyridoxine or pyridoxine is required for many enzymes that contribute to the body’s metabolic processes. Fetal and postnatal brain development immune function red blood cell production. And the creation of neurotransmitters within the brain. People who are deficient in this vitamin can develop a range of health problems. Such as anemia, rashes, dry cracked lips, cracked corners of the mouth. Also swollen tongue. have an immune deficiency For babies with this problem. It can be irritable ears are very sensitive to sound or have seizures.

Vitamin B12 

Or Cobalamin (Cobalamin) is a vitamin that is important to the functioning of the nervous system and brain. DNA synthesis and development of red blood cells in the body to be strong Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause anemia. nervous system damage Feeling weak, tired, constipation, weight loss or anorexia

Generally, these B vitamins can be found in many foods. To provide the body with the full range of B vitamins and essential nutrients, it is important to eat the five food groups at every meal. Where consumers can eat foods that are a source of vitamin B This ensures that you get enough vitamins. Such as dairy products, eggs, liver, and meats like chicken or beef. Fish such as mackerel or salmon, oysters, green leafy vegetables like spinach or kale, avocados, potatoes, grains, nuts, bananas, citrus fruits, watermelon, etc.