Colon cancer Diseases that are rising to the top and caused most of the deaths of Thai people According to statistics. There is 10 male colon cancer patients per 100,000 men and 7 females per 100,000 people. Do you know that is a preventable disease if we know the signs? 


Observing the symptoms And how to protect yourself Because the cause of colon cancer In addition to heredity as a part Food habits of Thai people here. Its is the main cause of colon cancer.

Its a disease that will send warning signs that we are evident in our daily life. If you keep observing yourself a little. It will be aware and can prevent and stop it early and here are 6 warning signs of colon cancer.

1. Constipation often becomes normal.

Some people have had problems with constipation since childhood. This may be due to eating habits that do not eat fruits and vegetables. The body is not getting enough fiber. And drink less water Causing the digestive system to work poorly But in some people it may have constipation because of the lifestyle habits of the working age. And let chronic constipation look that it is normal in life This behavior is one of the signs that you are at risk for colon cancer in the future.

2. COLON CANCER will effect to have small stools

This is because colon cancer usually starts with the presence of polyps in the intestines. This may be a normal polyp, not a tumor. And then develop into cancer cells later The presence of polyps in the intestines causes the stool passing through the colon to be compressed into a small, atrophy. Therefore, if you notice that the stools are small and frequent That could be a sign that you have a lump or polyp in your intestines.

3. There is a lot of fresh or dark red blood in the stool.

It can be caused by hard stools when squeezing into abnormal polyps in the intestines, causing ulcers, causing bleeding and occasionally becoming excreted.

4. Diarrhea alternating with constipation

Is the alternating solid and liquid stools Is contiguous with a chronic condition Even if eating the right foods doesn’t cause diarrhea, they still have this condition. This may be a disorder that is caused within the intestines.

5. Eat the same food but drastically lose weight.

The symptom is constant weight loss. Even with the same or more traditional dietary habits.

6. Fatigue and exhaustion without cause.

May be caused by intestinal bleeding Mixed with feces If blood is lost from excretion, it may be pale. And anemia with And even more continually causing fatigue and exhaustion Even though colon cancer. Will be the third most deadly cancer in Thailand today But if we are careful in eating and living habits. Keep observing himself in time So that treatment can be treated promptly The chances of survival are even higher.