4 ways to prevent dry hands from washing your hands often

4 ways to prevent dry hands. The problem of dry hands is not so severe. But nobody wants to dry their hands for sure. Let’s see how to prevent healthy skin to return to be smooth and soft again.  

1. Hand wash with cold or warm water.

Hand washing with water that is too high temperature does not have the effect of killing the virus. But it may damage the skin more by making the skin more dry. This is because hot water can leach out the natural fat on the skin. Hand washing with soap and warm or cold water is enough to clean your hands. And also help prevent dry or peeling hands again.

The recommends washing your hands thoroughly, including the wrist area. Fingers and nails Use soap and water for at least 20 seconds to prevent the spread of the corona virus or remove the dirt that follows your hands. If it is inconvenient to wash your hands with soap and water Or having symptoms of hand peeling and unable to wash hands with soap and water An alcohol-based hand sanitizer can be used as a temporary replacement, however, always wash your hands with soap and water after going to the bathroom. Going to a public place after coughing, sneezing, as well as before eating.

2. Choose to use soap that moisturizes the skin.

Although any type of soap can be used to wash your hands thoroughly. But should choose to use liquid soap to wash your hands instead of using bar soap. As it will provide more moisture And should choose to use soap that contains various moisturizing agents such as glycerin , Lanolin ceramides or Hyaluronic acid or a mixture of Natural products such as coconut oil, shea butter, or jojoba oil can moisturize and prevent dry or peeling hands.

3. Dry your hands after washing your hands.

Usually, germs are better spread on wet hands. Therefore, it is best to use a disposable hand towel or use a clean towel to gently pat the water off your hands. Do not wipe your hands by rubbing too hard, however, if using a towel, it should not be mixed together. Use of personal towels should be separated from other persons. And change a new piece of cloth for cleanliness every 3 days.

4.Apply a nourishing cream to prevent dry hands.

Applying a moisturizer right after washing your hands will help prevent dry or peeling hands. If not applying a moisturizer that helps retain moisture The water on the skin absorbs moisture from the skin layers and evaporates into the air, causing the skin to dry out more. Therefore should apply a hand cream specially Or use wax products in tubes or pump bottles that contain mineral oil or petrolatum and does not contain fragrances or dyes.