3 things women should never ignore

3 things women should never ignore. International Women’s Day falls on March 8 every year. It is a day to celebrate the importance of women around the world. It was a day of history that many women of all ages fought for their rights. And opportunities that should have as men. Nowadays, many countries have widely promoted the rights of women.

Although the rights of women are important But health care should be equally attentive. We therefore want all women to take care of their health. Both the exercise. And eating healthy And one thing that is indispensable That is the health check for women. And are there any shows that shouldn’t be missed? Let’s see.

women should never ignore
  • Breast examination (Mammogram)  Every woman should have her own breast exam once a month from the age of 25 years and see a doctor for a mammogram. By doing mammograms and ultrasound of the breast / armpit once a year from the age of 40 years.
  • Cervical cancer screening  It is a very important health check, either single or already having a partner. Especially those over 30 years old should be examined annually.
  • The cervical cancer vaccine or the HPV vaccine is  recommended for children, women and people aged 9-26 years before having sex for the first time. The vaccine can also be used to prevent genital warts and can help prevent anal cancer in men. For women who have been sexually active or at the age of 26, the vaccine can also be vaccinated, but the vaccine may be less effective if previously infected with HPV , ufabet . However, the vaccine is particularly useful in preventing disease. If you have not been infected before