Which behaviors that make running weight loss doesn’t work

Which behaviors that make running weight loss doesn’t work ? Running is definitely a method of exercise that can help you lose weight. But why do many people fail to see the results of weight loss from running as expected?

Mr. ufabet Physiology Supervisor at the Sports Performance Center, shares five behaviors that make running weight loss ineffective. With basic advice for people who want to lose weight.

1. Eat more food than calories burned.

When you run, your body burns a lot of calories. This will make you feel very hungry as well. And it could lead to overeating. Until resulting in the amount of calories the body burns With calories from newly adopted food unbalanced! That is the reason why you run, no matter how much weight you running.

Of course, it’s important to replenish your energy before, during, and after running. So don’t skip the necessary meals or snacks. But to choose to eat properly Before running, choose to eat light snacks such as bananas, whole grain bread. After the run, fill your hunger with yogurt, fruit smoothies, protein, and at meals, focus on eating foods rich in nutrients, such as fruits and vegetables, dairy, lean proteins.

2. Run at the same speed or duration

“Running slowly A constant speed means a slow, constant calorie burn as well. ”You may notice some weight loss when starting your running training program early. But when practicing for a while, your body will get used to that rhythm. Or get used to the length of the run Causing weight loss intermittent and not as effective as expected.

The advice is when you run the same pattern for more than four times. Try incorporating other running patterns, perhaps increasing your interval run or hill running once a week. But add it gradually And observe your own body To avoid injury

3. Not modifying the form of exercise

Running is a great way to lose weight. But doing a balanced exercise will help you see results faster. And help avoid injury. Although cardio exercises like running Will help burn calories well But strength training is also what helps you build muscle and help you burn calories faster. Alternate running programs with strength training two to three times a week. Try running one day and then alternating with strength training the next day.

4. No days to recover the body.

Exercise and diet are only part of the weight loss equation. But recuperating is just as important. This is the time when your body is resting and healed from exercise. This will help repair the muscles and reduce inflammation.

By resting to recover here means Getting enough sleep Maintaining moisture levels And fueling the body properly These are all important factors in losing weight and affecting the body’s metabolic processes. At the same time, it helps you stay healthy.

5. You already have a good weight.

If you already have a good percentage of body fat You may find that weight loss Fat loss is difficult because in fact body fat is necessary for important processes such as hormone regulation and homeostasis. It includes basic survival mechanisms such as body temperature and chemical levels. Plus, fats are used to protect your organs and support your joints.