Pilates 2021 and 5 principles at the heart of Pilates practice

Pilates is a very safe exercise. Lets start new year 2021 with good practice in pilates. Because there is little concussion various gestures Emphasize continuous softness that flows naturally. Gestures are designed specifically for exercising the entire body, the movement and movement of different muscles. It must be merged with the rhythmic breathing as specified. If compared to Indian yoga. Or Chinese Tai Chi. Pilates is another branch of science in the Western Hemisphere that is not far away Perhaps we have heard of Pilates. Its combined with other sciences, such as yoga pranks, Yogalates or Yogilates, or perhaps even adapted to fit ball exercises.

Pilates 2021 focuses the energy center in the center of the body

The center of body to control movement. (Technical term called Power Home), which believes that our body has internal energy that is rarely used. In addition to the time of force majeure such as walking time, an ankle accident occurred. We will automatically turn it over according to our instinct. It uses the power from this Power Home section, so Pilates Pilates practice is to draw this part of the power and use it in daily life. 

By relying on willingness and concentration to help This will eventually make walking and running more efficient in daily life. And to train the mind to be calm in the body.

The following 5principles that are at the heart of the training Pilates 2021

1. Concentration – concentrating on the movements that must be performed in each step. And blocking other ideas That strayed into the brain Calm the mind.
2. Breath – Take a long breath. Then exhale as far as possible without holding it back Breathing is consistent. Just like everyday breathing. But tense the abdominal muscles to help force a flat stomach both when breathing in and out (The principle is different from yoga. When breathing in the stomach must be bloated) in addition to practicing full breathing It is also a way to help get fit in the abdomen.

3. Centering– Focusing on the center of the body, abdominal area (Power Home), tightening the abdominal muscles to control every exercise of every part. Causing the body to work in the same unit as in the orchestra control.

4. Control – Forcing your body to work against gravity To build strength for the body The more slowly the body moves Against gravity, the stronger it is.

5. Precision – Place the hands, feet or the starting position in the correct position will help control the movement. And continuity of management as well.