Is running outdoors better than on a treadmill?

Actually, it’s like asking “Which fruit is better for your health?” Even though they all have their own benefits! Therefore, instead of choosing running outdoor or treadmill, you should research both the pros and cons of both types of runs. Then choose the one that suits you best.

Runners have always had a view on whether treadmill running is easier than doing it outdoors. Michael Mosley weighs up his options.

For those of us who rather optimistically made a New Year’s resolution to do a bit more exercise, it is the obvious and popular option. But is it better to do your running outdoors, in the wind and rain, or to go down to your local gym and work up a sweat on the treadmill, while surreptitiously admiring your reflection ?


Advantages of running on a treadmill

Low impact

Running on a treadmill uses a lower stride length and a higher pace when running compared to outdoors, making it less likely to have a negative impact on your ankles, knees and hips. A recent study also found that people who ran regularly had less knee pain or osteoarthritis symptoms than those who didn’t.

May burn more calories

Running on a treadmill tends to burn more calories, since most people who work out at a treadmill are more focused and strenuous, causing higher calorie burn. But if burning high calories is your main goal, then outdoor running should not be overlooked, as the wind resistance forces you to exert harder and your body burns more calories. To regulate your body temperature when you are in hot or cold climates.

Effective and fruitful results.

If you don’t have much time to exercise, this victory goes to the treadmill. It’s as simple as jumping up and pressing the start button. More importantly, you don’t have to worry about obstacles while running like outdoor running such as a pedestrian crossing.

No worries about the weather.

In summer, run outdoors when it’s not hot and the sun isn’t on your head. In winter, you should run when the sun has come out. But none of these problems apply to running on a treadmill.

Less risk of injury.

Running outdoors has a high risk of being hit by a car, ankles, or even sunburned. So if you’re uncomfortable running outdoors, on a treadmill is your best bet.

There are people there to help.

If you run in the gym, a trainer, a first aid kit, and staff are available to assist in the event of unusual incidents. In addition, drinking water is also provided. (You don’t have to carry it yourself), which is not easy for those who run outdoors.

Advantages of outdoors runner

The impact force is still low.

Running on a treadmill has lower impact than most outdoor conditions. But that doesn’t mean you can’t run outdoors. Light-colored concrete floors are not suitable for running, so avoid them. Wherever possible, choose land, grass, sand or school corridors to reduce the impact. Even paved floors are softer than concrete, especially when sunburned.

Better support for bone growth

The softer the floor, the lower the impact on bone and connective tissue. But does not stimulate bone growth Over time, it can cause injuries due to bone loss, with old bone decaying faster than new bone that is created.

Stronger butt muscles

Running on a treadmill may not build the hamstrings of your hamstrings as outdoor with a constant, active area. Every time you put your foot in front of it, the treadmill pulls back, but when you go out for a run outdoors, those muscles won’t rest and they build muscle faster.

The same applies to the movement of the joints in the lateral direction.

Runners tend to have weak lateral muscles, as most runs will let you move in one direction or forward. But when you go outdoors, you will be able to move naturally in other directions, such as turning or running around objects. It also helps develop coordination and stability around the ankle and foot.

Beneficial for mental health.

You can’t breathe fresh air Feel the cool breeze blowing through your hair. Or you can bathe in warm sunlight while running on a treadmill. But being in the midst of nature improves the state of mind. Research from the University of Exeter found that when people go out on a wide road, they feel energized. In addition, stress, anger and sadness are reduced compared to indoor runners.

Learn to adapt.

Outdoor running exposes the body to an unexpected, changing environment, such as stepping on the curb. A difficult left turn Or running among the people Which are these factors that make the body strong and patient If you are training for a competition, outdoor will make you feel physically and mentally ready to face elements beyond your control. While changing terrain and climate can also have a psychological impact. However, if you’re ready, nothing can hinder your intentions