I don’t drink coffee and my headache. What is the solution?

This point believes that many coffee lovers wonder why they stop drinking and have a headache. Is this a symptom of prejudice or is it really a headache? Then let’s try to explain. with caffeinated which the effect of this substance will stimulate the nerves rejuvenate It also has a mild narcotic effect, so if you drink every day until you become addicted to coffee. When we stop drinking, there will be drowsiness, fatigue, headache, depression, also known as Caffeine withdrawal. That are beneficial to health 

          Headaches usually occur within 12-24 hours after stopping coffee. The symptoms will be severe in the first 1-2 days and may continue to have a headache for another 2-7 days. UFABET which ways to cure the headache from stop can be done as follows:
          1. Do not quit coffee suddenly, but gradually reduce the amount of coffee drinking. Within a period of 7-14 days

          2. Limit the amount of drinking per day. which may use a smaller glass and drink no more than 2 cups of coffee per day.

          3. Get caffeine substitutes from foods and beverages that are less caffeinated, such as cocoa, tea, chocolate, or electrolyte drinks.

          4. Drink plenty of water to help drive caffeine out of the body.

          5. Find other solutions for sleepiness, such as stretching. go out to breath or eat fresh fruit

         6. Exercise to reduce fatigue while stopping.

          7. Get enough sleep, at least 7-8 hours a day.

          Try to solve the headache from stop with these methods. Or who stopped drinking and felt hooked? I seriously want to quit coffee. We have a way to say goodbye to caffeine.