Guidelines for organizing weight training programs

For beginners who are interested in doing weight training exercises, they may be confused about how to begin. Today we have a guideline for arranging a preliminary weight training exercise program to be presented as a guide.

1. Weight training for at least 3 days week

 Recommend to arrange according to our convenient time. By practicing at least 3 days a week It may be divided into other days such as Monday, Wednesday and Friday to allow the body to recover fully. And then gradually increase to 4, 5 or 6 days according to the order of fitness of the body and the convenience of each.

2. Practice weight training 45-60 minutes per session

For beginners. It is recommended to schedule the training to be in the interval of 45-60 minutes per session. Should not be too long or too little So that the muscles can be fully exercised and not overdo it. The number of popular exercises is 4-6 moves / day, with 3-4 sets per set, resting between sets for 60 seconds and between positions for 2-3 minutes. just as long as the training time will be around 45- It’s been 60 minutes.

3. Must have a rest day for the body to recover.

Weight training exercises involve heavy physical exertion of the muscles. So after practice There should be time for the muscles to recover fully. Should not be playing every day. To prevent overtraining or being too tired Until unable to accept that.

4. Not playing with the same muscle in a row

There are probably many people who have heard the wrong beliefs. In that regard “The more you play every day, the bigger the muscle. The more you develop ” May help to develop really quickly. But have to give the muscles time to recuperate It usually takes 48 hours or two days to give the muscle some time to repair. Fully recovered Because if you play the same bundle every day That muscle will not recover. Not developed at all Plus there is a high chance of injury from being administered repeatedly at the same point every day.

5. Solve weaknesses or want to focus on which muscles? To tie it up on the first day of the program.

For the first day of training Many people would recognize that they are stronger than any other day. Because the body had fully rested Therefore, if we want to focus on any particular muscle group It is recommended to keep it on the first day of the training program. Because it gives the most strength to train.

6. Recommend playing all parts per week

Weight training is not only used to strengthen the muscles to look beautiful. Must also think of the strength of the body Body balance So that the muscles support each other, so every muscle is all important. Recommend to practice all parts as well. Of all 6 points mentioned above. It would be a guideline for many people who are thinking of starting weight training more easily to organize their desired program.