Exercise equipment you can find at home

Many people may face the problem of not having exercise equipment. But indeed, these devices can be modified from things in the house. And on some devices it can be used very effectively In this article, we are going to discuss 10 things you can easily find in your home.

1. A water bottle .

A water bottle is a very classic thing. We can use it in place of dumbbells and play around on different parts of the body. Bicep Curl, back, arms in Tricep Kick back, chest muscles like Dumbbell Fly on floor, back muscles like Dumbbell Row, etc. This water bottle can also be changed from water to sand to To have more weight.

2. A water tank.

A 5 liter water  tank has more volume and weight than a water bottle. Suitable for use on muscles that require a lot of weight. Leggy You can hold it on both sides and do a squat or walking lunge, or you can adapt it to other parts of your body, such as your back, arms, or put it on your chest and crunch it up, or you can modify it in other moves.

3. Gallons 

moving up out of the water tank are gallons. Which has both a larger weight volume and a lot of cross-sectional area to catch Allowing us to easily adapt to play big muscles The legs are held by the body, then squat on the back, grasp the gallon, the head and the tail, and pull it in a Row move, the chest muscles can also be used in the Close Grip Dumbbell Press.

4. Rice bags 

In general, many people’s homes have rice bags next to each other. The 5 kilo bags of rice can be carried as a front squat or carried by the body as a squat or to be carried. And bend your arms up to a Bicep curl, it can be easily exercised at home.

5. Chair also can be exercise equipment

We can adopt a chair without castors and stable legs to support the weight Get some bodyweight exercises like the Tricep Chair Dips, which have a great impact on your back, arms. You can also turn your face in and do Incline Chair Push-ups to remove the pecs. Or will bring 2 chairs to stand on each side There is a little space between your legs, allowing you to do Deep Sumo Squat too.

6. Bed

You can use the bed, adjust it to the edge of the bed, do Tricep Dips to play the back of the arm or Incline Push-ups for the lower chest muscles. Or you can put your feet on top and do Decline Push-ups for your chest You can also adjust the angle a little more with Pike Push-ups to focus on your shoulders.

7. Towel 

You can use a towel to wrap around the pole, exercise in Bicep Curl exercises, use the muscles of the face, arms and the row for back muscles. Alternatively, you can take a towel to pull your feet in to do the Towel Curl pose to strengthen your forearm muscles. The towel can be adapted to play many parts. The principle is to use our initial force to hold the towel on the other side. In order to exert the remaining side From here, towels are also a device that allows you to stretch many muscles. For example, stretch the soles of the feet, calves, and the back of the legs by using a brace on the top of the foot and stretching out the leg.

8. PVC 

pipes. These pipes are used to make long pieces. It is used to stretch the muscles or dance instead of the Chinese club. Anyone who is thinking that it does not work, has to dance once, will know that it is very tired. Because it is gradually moving the body in the correct angles Slowly contracting and loosening the muscles It will make you tired and there is a chance that your heart rate will be high, it can count as some cardio.

9. Ladder 

Stairs are one of the very best cardio and toning tools. It’s as simple as going up and down the first step and so on. After a while, we will find that the muscles in the buttocks and heart rate increase. If anyone wants to increase the difficulty, carry a water bottle. Will make the weight on the butt muscles more than before And can help increase the heart rate Considered to be a great cardio aid.

10. Wall corner protruding or square wall from the opening of the door.

You can use your hands around the back of a wall and perform various pull poses to do the forearm muscles like the door way bicep curl or row back, it can also be used to stretch the pectoral muscles.

How are you doing with simple equipment that can be found at home and can actually be used for exercise? In which everything mentioned above can be applied more than that Only the user has to study and know the actual form of playing each part first. So it will be effective in exercising out the best.