Do you know that eating too much carbohydrates makes us aching?

Eating food can make you sick such as eating too much carbohydrates. But it’s true. Today we have information from a specialist in hormone therapy and nutrition for athletes. 

When carbohydrates cause stinging, eating too much carbohydrates.

When the body gets carbohydrates. There will be a process of degradation into glucose. Then absorbed into the bloodstream. The hormone insulin transports glucose to cells throughout the body as energy for carrying out various activities. But if the body has a condition unable to use glucose The body stores those glucose in the liver as glycogen. The rest of the glucose is converted to fat. For long term power.

From its importance as the main energy of the body making effective exercise need to get the right amount of carbohydrates.

But did you know that eating too much starchy foods can result in pain and discomfort? Due to the excess powder Which is mostly in the form of white powder When the body has consumed it Causing unstable high sugar content This condition is called a “glycation” reaction, which is easier to understand as It is a reaction in which blood sugar binds to tissues which are proteins. And do chemical reactions. Causing the body to have a higher temperature Is a catalyst for glycation conditions.

When the sugar binds to the protein tissue to form a large clot, known as AGEs (Advanced Glycation End-products), the protein properties change. Deteriorated protein Loss of flexibility. This can happen to both muscles and blood vessels.

This is because most of our body is comprised of approximately 26% protein and the structure of our tissues is made up of almost all protein. 

eating too much carbohydrates is causing muscles to lose flexibility and have many negative effects, the main ones are.

1. Cause muscle wasting There is an attachment to the muscles and pain in the muscles when exercising.

2. Sagging skin due to collagen and elastin structures under the skin’s lack of elasticity. Coalesce Causing pain in the affected area.

3. Insulin resistance Because sugar accumulates in the body too Cells cannot convert glucose to energy. But it will bounce back to acidic lactate instead.

How do you eat carbohydrates?

Do not eating too much carbohydrates. Choosing the right amount of carbohydrates Can help to promote good health. Choose whole-grain products instead of white flour, such as whole wheat bread from whole rye. And choose brown rice instead of white rice.This will help reduce the negative effects that can occur from eating starch.