Caution when eating and using lemons.

We recommend that lemons are highly acidic. Drinking very concentrated fresh lemon juice. May cause irritation to organs in the digestive system health. Such as the throat, esophagus, intestines, stomach. Especially those with stomach ulcers May cause burning sensation.

In addition, drinking lemon juice Or bite the lemon flesh and eat it straight. Including eating foods that contain lemon, such as spicy salad, tom yum, etc. You should rinse your mouth or drink water. to reduce the concentration of lime on the enamel surface And should not brush your teeth immediately after eating lemons. Because it may risk teeth erosion UFABET

For a fairly highly acidic lime use. If it is mixed with ingredients to nourish the skin. Should be used in small amounts. mix with other ingredients or dilute to reduce the concentration. Lemon should not be applied to the skin. Or apply directly to the teeth for whitening. Because it may erode the tooth enamel. Including the skin may be irritated as well. And should not be used on areas with sensitive skin such as armpits, facial skin around the eyes. Crease layer of arms, legs, etc. If you do not know how much of the amount used is safe. You should avoid making various ingredients. From the lemon itself is better.