5 ways to motivate exercise

 When we want to create a healthy and good figure. Inevitably have to start from taking care of yourself. Whether diet and exercise. But then when we started to change ourselves in both diet and exercise. After a while, many people tend to become bored, tired, lazy and exhausted in exercise. Causing us to start making various excuses for ourselves. So as not to exercise And dropped out of the program as we had set in the beginning Now, what should we do ? lets motivate exercise.

1. Have a seriously goal for motivate exercise.

  If we start to exercise, control diets by doing it every day When bored, stop. Without having a goal at all, it will be easy for us to give up. We therefore have to create goals for ourselves, what we want to do for it. Many people may have different goals. Want a good figure for a better work personality Good figure for the wedding day, graduation day, and many things. When we have goals, know why we want to change ourselves. 

We should memorize them by heart. Any day that we are tired and discouraged, think of our goals and try to reach However, we should set goals for ourselves, divided into intervals. To challenge yourself And was excited to reach each stage throughout We may first aim as a short term goal that in these 3 months we will lose weight, lose fat like this. And move on to the next goal, which is a bigger goal Within a year we will want to get a body like this. The rest is to slowly follow our target, never stop. And go according to our goals each stage until the intended purpose.

2. Stimulate our own fire not to moth first. 

When we become tired of achieving our goals Bored in exercise Trying to find motivation Whether watching videos of our idols Maybe a video of the exercise of your favorite athlete Motivation exercise clips so that we always have a fire in ourselves. And want to exercise again And in exercise We may also wear headphones to play the music we like. So that our exercise is not boring. And better focus on our exercise

3. Always take notes and collect photos of our development in each phase.

 In order to challenge ourselves That in the following weeks Or in the coming months we have to develop even better. And can always look back at that Last week Or in the past months, how is the condition of our body weight? So that we can improve the program for further development. And made you not feel discouraged first Because we will want better target results at each stage.

4. Always change the exercise activities. 

When we exercise the same form for a long time Inevitably causes boredom Leading to the fact that we do not want to exercise And laziness followed We may change equipment Or some kind of sports For excitement And more varied with exercise, for example, if the original weight training format is We may switch to playing various training circuits. Cardio, we used to only walk the treadmill Or cycling We may change to Try other aerobics, such as Bodycombat, boxing, music, zumba aerobics, even swimming, kicking a ball. So that we do not feel stressed And still enjoy exercising well

5.Invite our friends or loved ones to exercise together. 

Exercising with a friend or girlfriend is definitely better than when we exercise alone. Because we exercise alone It can easily become bored. But if someone comes to exercise together Buddy Invite each other to exercise. Even help each other to save safety for each other While exercising in weight training,
hoping that these 5 items will benefit the fan page To motivate Wake up your own fire and get up to exercise once more.