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skin problems

The winter 2021 is coming with skin problems

             Due to weather conditions during winter. The air will have lower relative humidity. Increased water loss from the skin Therefore, most skin problems of people in winter. It will be a problem in dry and rough skin when the skin is very dry. It will cause itching, a flaky rash,


Hows good benefit of Iodine ?

Iodine is a mineral found in most diets, though some foods are richer in it than others. It’s essential to our overall health and is especially important for thyroid regulation. Things to know about eating iodine. The amount of iodine in each food depends on


Preparing for winter 2021

Prepare for winter 2021, girls can stay healthy all winter easily if you follow the advice that brings for you. New year winter 2021 is coming ! What did you enter at the end of the year? The cold wind come every where. When this is the

facial rash

A facial rash 2021

In 2021 One of the problems young and old do not want to face is ” facial rash ” , which in addition to making you look unattractive. It also creates a lot of annoyance to you. Rash always happens to you. It decrease your confidencial on the beauty look.


Preparation for weight training beginners

  Many people have no experience and don’t know where to start. From weight training, food, to cardio, what kind of action or how long you have to do. The fat lossers tend to think of giving a lot of cardio first, not lifting weights, and


Guidelines for organizing weight training programs

For beginners who are interested in doing weight training exercises, they may be confused about how to begin. Today we have a guideline for arranging a preliminary weight training exercise program to be presented as a guide. 1. Weight training for at least 3 days week


5 ways to motivate exercise

 When we want to create a healthy and good figure. Inevitably have to start from taking care of yourself. Whether diet and exercise. But then when we started to change ourselves in both diet and exercise. After a while, many people tend to become bored, tired, lazy and exhausted

Exercise equipment you can find at home

Many people may face the problem of not having exercise equipment. But indeed, these devices can be modified from things in the house. And on some devices it can be used very effectively In this article, we are going to discuss 10 things you can easily find in


Is running outdoors better than on a treadmill?

Actually, it’s like asking “Which fruit is better for your health?” Even though they all have their own benefits! Therefore, instead of choosing running outdoor or treadmill, you should research both the pros and cons of both types of runs. Then choose the one that suits you best.