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IF weight loss, who shouldn’t do it?

Although IF weight loss is widely popular. But there are limitations that may affect health. Especially in this group.      1. Stomach disease Because fasting can cause exacerbation of existing symptoms.      2. Irritable Bowel Syndrome Patients that should eat at a time to avoid exacerbation.      3. Patients who

Get to know Aphasia.

Aphasia is a communication disorder. The patient will lose the ability to speak or do not understand. What others are saying or having both problems together. May also have impairments in writing, reading, drawing, calculating and composing sentences. The hallmark of this disease is that there are irregularities

I don’t drink coffee and my headache. What is the solution?

This point believes that many coffee lovers wonder why they stop drinking and have a headache. Is this a symptom of prejudice or is it really a headache? Then let’s try to explain. with caffeinated which the effect of this substance will stimulate the nerves rejuvenate It also has a

How to insomnia solution.

Have to see if it feels refreshed during the day or not. How to insomnia solution. If you feel sleepy and drowsy. It means not sleeping enough, going to bed should not be later than 10 pm in order for the body to fully secrete

Secrets to creating work-life balance.

Creating work-life balance is beneficial for both physical and mental health. When employees have a good quality of life. It will result in more efficient work. And also good for the organization to follow. We has compiled techniques for creating balance in life and work. What will be

Insect bites and how to treat.

It can be difficult to avoid insect bites. Because these insects tend to lurk everywhere. Whether in the house In backyards, rivers, along grassy hills, or anywhere. Where insect bites may cause skin redness, swelling or pain in the area. But if the symptoms are not very severe. It

How to treat blackheads correctly

Blackheads are skin problems that can result in uneven skin tone and causing nuisance. But if you know the right treatment and prevention It will effectively reduce pimples or other types of acne problems. Blackheads are abnormalities in the hair follicles that cause pimples that look like blackheads. But the difference is

Japanese Fried Rice

Japanese Fried Rice

Prepare the Japanese spring onion for Japanese Fried Rice. Wait it will be able to make delicious Japanese fried rice. This recipe combines fresh shrimp and red pork. If you can find Japanese rice, you can use Thai rice instead. Ingredients for Japanese Fried Rice 1+1/2 tbsp

What should be observed Elderly infected Covid-19?

What should be observed Elderly infected Covid-19?

What should be observed Elderly infected Covid-19? Elderly people infected with COVID-19 sometimes have symptoms that are quite difficult to see. Which caregivers need to pay special attention due to cases where the elderly are infected.  Symptoms may be unclear and inconsistent. For example, there may be