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Whitening cream is Aware Of The Dangerous Substances Before Breaking.

Whitening cream is a product that is very popular among women who want to reduce dark spots on the skin. Or want to adjust the skin color to make it more white according to popular trends. Some commercially available whitening creams contain different ingredients. Some creams may contain

Caffeine side effects

Consumption of caffeine regularly or getting too much caffeine and Caffeine side effects into the body. May cause more negative effects than good as follows. Insomnia  One of the benefits of caffeine is that it makes you wakeful and not sleepy. But at the same time Consuming too


6 tips to take care of your dry skin during winter

This winter, taking a hot bath can be relaxing. But the hot water washes away sebum on the skin, making it unable to retain moisture. Leading to dry skin problems of your dry skin during winter. 1. Avoid showering or washing your face with hot water. This



IS FASTING GOOD ? Many people may already know that dieting is one of the barriers to dieting and making their health worse. The reason is written because it is so surprising that there are still more people who lose weight by dieting. Everyone has

Pilates 2021 and 5 principles at the heart of Pilates practice

Pilates is a very safe exercise. Lets start new year 2021 with good practice in pilates. Because there is little concussion various gestures Emphasize continuous softness that flows naturally. Gestures are designed specifically for exercising the entire body, the movement and movement of different muscles. It must be merged with the

lose weight

Know how to lose weight

No matter how old are you, how many times, having a “good figure”  Causing people to find many ways to lose weight, including the correct way to reduce fat. Healthy way and the wrong way to reduce the negative effects on the body. Example of wrong


What can the stool color Tell?

After food has passed through the process of digestion and what does each stool color tell you? The main reason stools are discolored is due to the consumption of things. Such as drugs, vegetables, fruits, beverages, or foods. Sometimes the color of the stool can

skin problems

The winter 2021 is coming with skin problems

             Due to weather conditions during winter. The air will have lower relative humidity. Increased water loss from the skin Therefore, most skin problems of people in winter. It will be a problem in dry and rough skin when the skin is very dry. It will cause itching, a flaky rash,


Hows good benefit of Iodine ?

Iodine is a mineral found in most diets, though some foods are richer in it than others. It’s essential to our overall health and is especially important for thyroid regulation. Things to know about eating iodine. The amount of iodine in each food depends on