The winter 2021 is coming with skin problems

             Due to weather conditions during winter. The air will have lower relative humidity. Increased water loss from the skin Therefore, most skin problems of people in winter. It will be a problem in dry and rough skin when the skin is very dry. It will cause itching, a flaky rash, and is more likely to break into the wound and become infected more easily. The risk factors for experiencing dry skin or an itchy rash in winter are:

     1. The elderly due to changes in the body. Of the skin in many ways, such as the amount of fat in the skin layer decreased Decreased sweat gland activity It causes dry skin more easily.

     2. People with other skin disorders, such as children or adults with pre-existing atopic dermatitis. Psoriasis patients with this type of skin become dry and the rash gets worse during winter.

     3.People with certain medical conditions or taking certain groups of drugs It will cause dry skin more than normal people, such as people with liver disease or kidney disease. Have more dry skin than usual Or people taking drugs, certain fat loss drugs, diuretics, etc.

     4. Some additional factors, such as frequent bathing By using high alkaline bath soaps or preferring warm or hot showers Exfoliation or excessive use of exfoliants


skin problem condition of girls. It must always dry out and break easily. Today we will tell you what factors can cause skin damage more easily. Know and will avoid each other But what is there? Let’s go and see.

1. Exposure to the sun for a long time

During winter, as the cool weather makes many girls go out for outdoor activities for longer and longer. But did you know that UV rays in the air are not much lower than other seasons, which will affect the skin of women. Darkening and more dryness But not that sunlight is not useful at all. Because during the sunlight that has low UV, especially the sunlight During the period from 7.00-8.00 am, it is beneficial for the body as well. Because it helps the body synthesize vitamin D.

2. Lazy apply skin cream

Applying skin care cream in winter is very important and women should not forget or be lazy to apply skin creams. Because during the cold weather the air will have low humidity And increased dryness Will result in the girls’ skin Lack of moisture If lack of applying skin cream Will result in dry skin Can peel and flaky skin

3. Scrub the skin too often

In winter, exfoliation Either scrubbing with a loofah scrub or coffee grounds should be avoided first or less. Do not scrub too often. Due to the dry weather May cause girls’ skin The more dry Make the skin dry Lack of moisture and wrinkles more easily. A proper exfoliation should be done just once a week is enough.

4. Not drinking enough water

Women may think that with the weather that is not hot. It doesn’t sweat a lot, so there’s no need to drink a lot of water. But the colder the weather, the more the body will regulate the temperature by excreting urine instead of sweating. The body needs more water, so it is best to drink enough clean water at least 10 glasses a day.

5. Take a long, warm shower

Cool weather, soaking in warm water is a great way to relax. Creating comfort for women As well But the downside for girls’ skin is taking a long, hot shower or bath. Will result in the oil nourished under the skin to be washed away by the heat of the water Resulting in dry skin Peels, flakes and wrinkles easily. 

Although if you really need to take a warm shower. It is best to take a warm shower for no more than 15 minutes and after taking a shower, it is best to apply a moisturizer within 3 minutes to allow the moisturizer to penetrate deeply into the skin before the pores are closed. If the time has passed for more than 3 minutes.