Know how to lose weight

No matter how old are you, how many times, having a “good figure”  Causing people to find many ways to lose weight, including the correct way to reduce fat. Healthy way and the wrong way to reduce the negative effects on the body.

Example of wrong weight loss

Too much fasting or eating less than what your body needs Not good for health Causing the lack of essential nutrients to the body Will result in the body lacking energy Lack of nutrients to feed various parts can cause death and dieting will make you more hungry and eat more in the next meal. But in the long term it may not be possible to maintain a stable weight. It may also cause abnormal metabolism in the body to burn less energy.

      Using drugs or dietary supplements without under the supervision of a doctor As a result, patients have serious side effects from the drug use. Which usually contains the following drugs.

1. Drugs to reduce appetite such as Phentermine

Side effects – insomnia, restlessness, headache, rapid heartbeat. High blood pressure May lose consciousness or seizures If eating continuously for a long time Can cause drug addiction

2. Thyroid Hormones weight loss is due to the destruction of muscle protein instead of fat.

Side effects – palpitations or arrhythmia.

3. Diuretics have no effect in reducing calories the body gets. It only affects the amount of water in the body to decrease.

Side effects – Loss of the balance of minerals that are important for the body. Which may cause fatigue Tiredness, disorders of the heart, brain and can be fatal.

4. Laxative or laxative There is no effect in reducing calories the body has It is expelling food from the digestive tract.

Side effects if used large amounts May cause diarrhea The body loses the balance of water and mineral salts. Dangerous And the use of laxatives for a long time Resulting in the body becoming resistant to the drug.

How To Lose Weight Correct And Safe

Correct weight loss is diet and exercise. By dieting will have more effect Should control energy calories not to exceed the body needs. Cut down on fatty foods Focus on protein nutrients avoid eating salt and sugar.