IS FASTING GOOD ? Many people may already know that dieting is one of the barriers to dieting and making their health worse. The reason is written because it is so surprising that there are still more people who lose weight by dieting. Everyone has experienced it all the same. Whether it be a woman, a man, a boy, a teenager, old people, beautiful, unattractive, single or married. The same thing is. People who have lost weight by fasting it will be good result at first, but in the end it cannot be tolerated. when we no longer to keep fasting . it will back to be the same fat or even more.


Some people skip breakfast or starve dinner. This means you may have a small meal, such as fruit, but not your main meal. Many people have been skipping meals every day for years. Some people have just started trying dieting, especially younger people, or trying to lose weight for the first time in their lives. But in the end, as time goes by, they get older, they are still obese, or they are in excess of their proportions that are not the same. Most of the time, people you talk to will begin to realize that their weight has not lost at all, even after fasting at the age of 30, but there are others who start to become conscious when they are younger.

When you keep fasting, no matter what the meal will make.

Lack of 5 food groups (protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fats) the body becomes weaker. Because there are no materials for the repair Strengthen. try to repeat that every part of the body From hair, head, skin, face, chest, lungs, heart, liver, kidneys, gut, nails, intimate areas are all weakened.

Lack of energy from food , you will be lazy immediately. Will feel weak because the body has no energy to do anything. The body will automatically reduce the metabolism. As it gets used several times, the body gets used to the lower metabolic level that is normal for your body.

No food reaches the stomach, causing the gastric juice in the stomach to digest the stomach surface. It is irony that you refuse to give food to him causes stomach ulcers or gastritis. From the moment you were just a person who wanted to lose weight, now you are. A sick person who wants to lose weight already.

There is no food and dietary fibers move through the digestive tract (small intestine, large intestine), thus there is no intestinal peristalsis, which allows food to move through the digestive tract well. Over time, it will cause your digestive health to become weak and your energy to excrete. Will bully cause constipation Now, while you are fasting, not eating the new food into your mouth and still refusing to remove the old thing again.

Low blood sugar levels Because there are no carbohydrates from fasting

 (Flour, Sugar) In addition to exhaustion, fatigue, it also makes the brain stimulate the body to feel hungry again to remind you to eat food and then you will be exhausted. That is, you will feel more hungry after fasting. And you can hardly control yourself If you normally are a sweet girl, your manners will change immediately. Eat completely unconscious, whether flour, sugar, fat, cookies, cakes, desserts, glutinous rice, nectar, sweet drinks. From being fat but polite to becoming fat

It must be understood that the human body has been evolving for tens of thousands of years in order to survive through the ages to this day. When eating food, it will digest food to bring nutrients to use to repair, restore, make the body grow. And change the energy from food to store in the body in the form of muscle glycogen and fat, which will be stored in the liver, muscles and fat layer in various parts of the body. So that the body has enough energy to use So don’t starve.

Change your diet Choose a meal that is healthy that does not cause obesity and skip the food that makes you fat. Don’t force it, but choose to eat. Or snacks that do not cause fat Low sugar and flour, no fat, focus on protein, eat for a period of time. Dining times may vary for each person. But have to eat all 3 meals.