Photography Tips for Ebay


photography tips for ebay

10 Top Tips for Taking Fantastic Photos for eBay. Clean your items! Get the lighting right. Use a solid background. Photograph from multiple angles, and include multiple photos on your listing. Use your best photo as your main photo which will show up in search results. If you have a shaky hand, use a tripod.

Use a tripod. Tip #4: Take high-resolution photos so your item will look attractive on screens big and small. Tip #5: Fill the frame with your item. Tip #6: Photograph your item from all angles, and capture its details and blemishes. Tip #7: Show the scale of your item. Tip #8: Capture the natural colors of your item.

Tips for increasing your sales on eBay by improving your photos. Tips include using natural daylight and cropping photos tightly.

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