Kyparissos Tavern

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    Kyparissos Tavern is a family run business offering traditional Cypriot  meze cuisine. We are located in Kathikas Village just outside of the center of the village on the road to Pegeia municipality.
    Tel: (+357) 26 633 600, Mob: (+357) 99 557 545, Fax: (+357) 26 633 636, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Kathikas Village - Cyprus

    26633600, 99557545, fax:26633636

History – Culture

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The restaurant's name comes from the centuries-old cypress tree that is right next to the tavern. The cypress cypress is called St. Nicholas. It is a tree of the few perennial that exist today in Cyprus. The cypress tree that dates back past St. Nicholas from Cyprus that is 1680 years. Is said that Saint walked in tired and wanted to sit in the shade of a tree in the area but there were no trees, so he put his cane and planted this cypress. For rapid when the tavern, you will find that all the branches of cypress-like sticks. In research done by a famous theologian cypress is mentioned in the Bible. The chapel of St. Nicholas is walking around the tavern around 500m but remains inaccessible word of the rough area. The cypress is protected by the Forest Service in the region and the year has been verified by foreign experts from Israel

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