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    Kyparissos apartments are located above of the Kyparissos Tavern in Kathikas Village Cyprus, situated just 2 Km from the village centre which now offers a good selection of restaurants and tavernas to suit all tastes, 2 bars (with sky TV) and a shop or 2 for groceries.

    Tel: (+357) 26 633 600, Mob: (+357) 99 557 545, Fax: (+357) 26 633 636, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Kathikas Village - Cyprus

    26633600, 99557545, fax:26633636

Price list

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  • 2 persons duple bed €50
  • For one night accommodation there is an extra charge of €5

January     €250 per week
February     €250 per week
March         €250 per week
April         €270 per week
May         €270 per week
June         €350 per week
July         €350 per week
August        €350 per week
September    €300 per week
October     €250 per week
November     €250 per week
December     €250 per week

  • €5 per day extra charge for air-conditioning.
  • Three days minimum accommodation.

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